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Possibly the best flight search engine for finding the cheapest flights.


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it's a flight search engine that uses an advanced algorithm to find the cheapest flights possible.

There's no need to be redirected to other websites to book your tickets yourself and they will recommend the best flights, as well as offering you the cheapest and shortest routes.


Rewards Program

We all know that flights get cancelled or delayed for plenty of reasons. With you might be flying with different airlines to your final destination. These airlines might not talk to each other about your journey and that means you could get stuck if you miss a connection.

If this happens, get immediately in contact with, you can call or chat (24/7) with them.
They will book a new flight for you at no cost. If there is no flight available on the same day, they will cover your hotel costs up to $50 ($53). Additional you'll $10 ($11) for food if you have a delay of more than four hours. Just make sure to keep all receipts.

You can find more details about the guarantee in their terms and conditions.


Booking Process is able to tie together almost all of the flights in the world. They will combine low-cost carriers with big airlines, for example Emirates + Air Asia. Or Air France + Ryanair. You would never be able to book this combination on any of the airline websites.

Let's do an example. You want to fly from New York to Kathmandu; will show you the direct flights and the ones operated by a single airline and their partners.

But that's not all. They will also give you all possible routes - perhaps you will fly to Stockholm with one airline, Dubai with another, and on to Kathmandu with a third. That means, on this route, you can save around $500 ($536) by not flying with one single company.

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